Message Delivery Reports

In this post, I will show how to view a delivery for a Sent Item.  This report, which can be seen from Outlook and OWA, will provide information on the status of an email such as:  when the message was submitted, delivered and if it was read.

View Message Delivery Report in Outlook 2013:

1.  Open a Sent Item to view its report

2.  Click File and select “Open Delivery Report”

Delivery Report

3.  The Message Delivery Report will open in a browser window



View Message Delivery Report in OWA

1.  After logging into OWA, click on Options and select See All Options…


2.  Next select Organize E-mail and then Delivery Reports

deliver report 2

3.  On the Delivery Reports page, fill in the criteria that you want to use to search for the desired message:  ie, based on recipients, sender or subject.  In this case, I searched for messages from a particular sender.  Once the data has been inputted, hit search to get the results.

delivery report criteria


The results of the report shows that the the message was submitted and delivered on 6/10/2016 2:10 PM.  Also, it indicates that the message has been read or at least opened.

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