My name is Richard Burrs and I work at Microsoft as a Sr. Customer Engineer.  I’m originally from Riviera Beach, FL aka Da Raw.  My current job involves assisting customers with optimizing their environment in regards to Azure infrastructure and removing any roadblocks in their Cloud journey.

A little background: I graduated with a degree in Psychology in 1996 and for several years worked as a Behavioral consultant for schools and families with troubled youth.  Somewhere along the way, around 2000, I decided to change careers and go into the IT field.  I began learning about computer hardware and software through vigorous self-study and was able to pass the A+ exam.  In 2002, I took a one year technical course learning Windows 2000 server, Active Directory, Novell Netware and some RedHat Linux.  After completing that program, I got my first job in IT working in a call center for a company that sold extended warranties on computer hardware.  Moving along through the years working as a Helpdesk and Desktop support technician, I started working with Exchange Server in 2009 on version 2007.  Additionally, I have worked with other technologies such as NetApp storage and VMware.

I first started this blog with the purpose of writing about Exchange server.  However, I’ve decided to add content that is related to Azure, Powershell and any other cool technologies that provide me with experiences and ideas that are worth sharing.  Hope you enjoy!

You can follow me on Twitter @richardburrs or reach out to me on my Linkedin profile.

Disclaimer:  This is my personal blog and the opinions and information that I share are provided with no guarantees to its accuracy.  Also, the content in this blog is not to be distributed or copied elsewhere, as it is my sole property.  You may link to it but do not copy it in whole or in parts.

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